Do you have a vacant property you need sell?

Are you looing for a headache free solution to sell your property?

Have problem tenants and want to get rid of your investment property?

Are you facing a cash crunch and can't afford your property taxes, insurance, and other bills?

Have you been holding onto a vacant property too long because you think it won't sell?

Does your property need too much in repairs and you think you can't sell it?

We buy houses fast and for cash. Our goal is to make the sale process very easy for our customers.

As a real estate buying company, our intent is to assist you in the selling process of your house, making it as easy and fast as possible so you can focus on what is more important for you and your family. Simply fill out our online House Valuation Worksheet and you will receive a written offer from us within two weeks.

FAST CLOSING: We pay cash and close quickly so there are no surprises.

NO COMMISSIONS: We are NOT Realtors®. We are house buyers. Therefore, you don't pay any Realtor® fees when working with us.

NO CLOSING COSTS: We pay all title, transfer tax, escrow, and closing fees.

HASSLE FREE SALE: We want buy your property! And, we make it fast and easy for you to sell.


STEP 1: We Research Your Property

You complete our House Valuation Worksheet and we get to work right away reviewing its value based on county tax information, local sales data, location, etc.

STEP 2: We Inspect Your Property

Since we are local home buyers, we will come to your property to perform a quick inspection. This allows us to give you the most accurate offer to purchase your home.

STEP 3: We Provide You An Offer

After we have determined that your property meets our purchasing criteria, we provide you with a fair offer in writing and answer any questions you have.

STEP 4: We Sign An Agreement

Once we've agreed upon a price to purchase your property, we'll provide you with a simple purchase and sales agreement that can be completed electronically or by courier.

STEP 5: Close And You Get Paid

When the agreement is signed we set up a closing date and our local team of title professionals and closing attorneys prepare the closing documents. We pay all closing costs and the closing is completed within 5 days of obtaining a clear title certificate from our attorneys.


How does this work?

Our focus is buying properties as investments that are problem properties for others. as an investment. If you found this website, most likely it is because you saw one of our advertisements or you have received mail from us. Regardless of how you found us, chances are that you have a problem property that you need to sell for cash.

We are a group of Bethlehem PA-based real estate investors that buy property in Pennsylvania. And, we want to buy yours.

Simply complete our House Valuation Worksheet. Once we receive your completed worksheet, we will assess your property, contact you to have a brief discussion, and possibly arrange a time for us to walk through the house (if possible) within the next 5 business days. Then, we will provide you a written offer for your property within days.

If you agree to our written offer to purchase your property, we will arrange for a local closing, handle all of the paperwork, and pay all of the closing fees. Typically, we can close within 5 days of obtaining a clear title from our closing agent. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Do you list my property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

No! We are not real estate agents or Realtors®. We are cash real estate buyers. In fact, we are the principal buyers of the transaction. Unlike a Realtor®, we never charge any listing fees or sales commissions. You can count on us to provide you with a fair offer and close quickly. There is a certain level of freedom and peace of mind knowing that you don't have to wait for months upon months to sell your unwanted property.

Why not sell my house myself?

Nothing is stopping you from trying! You certainly can go down this path, but why haven't you done so already? Properties that have problems (excessive repair needs, troublesome tenants, etc) can be difficult to sell. This is simply due to the fact that these types of homes are not appealing to a typical homebuyer, and in many cases, they cannot obtain financing from their bank. Therefore,  the demand to buy your property is limited and it can take months or even years to sell on your own.

Furthermore, listing your property for sale with a Realtor® will result in you paying additional fees such as sales commissions, transfer taxes, settlement fees, and more. To make matters worse, it is highly likely that your real estate agent (or broker) will not give your situation the attention it deserves since problem properties oftentimes result in smaller commissions and more effort to sell than other properties in better condition.

How much money should I expect for my property?

There are many, many factors that impact the answer to this question. For example, the property size, amount of repair work needed, current zoning, location and neighborhood, current assessed value, local economic market conditions, etc all play a factor in our assessment of your property. You can expect a fair offer to be presented to you as soon as we have thoroughly researched all of these items. In addition, our offer will contain a quick closing date and will be reflective of the fact that we pay all of the closing costs and fees.

What happens if I don't have a clear title or if my property has liens or title issues?

We are experienced property buyers and have been involved in hundreds of real estate closings. We have experience purchasing properties with various title blemishes. Additionally, we have a network of attorneys and professional title agents that are adept at solving almost any title problem. We will find a solution to your problem property and, if necessary, provide the necessary resources to fix title problems.

What if I don't have my original deed?

That is not a problem either as we have title agents that will acquire most all of the records needed for closing from the county directly (provided they were recorded correctly). Again, this will not cost you anything since we cover all fees.

I owe back taxes or homeowner association dues, can I still sell my property?

The important concept to take away from transacting business with Christmas City Properties is that you will not need to pay anything out of pocket to sell your property to us. Any past due taxes or association dues will be negotiated as part of our offer and will be paid with the proceeds of the sale at closing.


IMPORTANT: You are only required to complete the fields marked with an asterisk (*). However, please keep in mind that the more information you can provide regarding your house, the better. It will allow our team to perform a more thorough assessment of your house, allowing us to provide you an offer to buy faster. Completing this form DOES NOT obligate you to sell your property to us.

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